About Us

Vishwannath Associates is an award winning architectural firm in Bangalore. The dedicated and dynamic team lives, breathes and dreams architecture. This is manifested in their portfolio, which includes diverse projects ranging from transportation, tech parks, auditoriums, institutions, public buildings and the like.

Mr. V. Vishwanath, the Principal Architect of the firm spearheads every project that is undertaken from its establishment in 1998. The team comprises of a highly talented set of people in the stream of Art and Engineering, who are dedicated to providing architectural excellence. The firm is strategically located in the fastest growing city in Asia. The organization believes in redefining architecture, developing futuristic projects and transforming landscapes all across the length and breadth of the country to help India achieve a developed nation status. VA has designed overseas too.


An organization thrives when its pleases its clients, its colleagues, its employees etc.,
Our vision is always to dream big and focus on the success. To be viewed as a respected Architectural firm, providing high quality Design and services to our clients with honesty and integrity, which would take our country to a developed nations’ status through our professionalism, emphasis on client service and passion for Design and planning of our buildings.


  • VA tradition of dedication, Professionalism and outstanding customer service is a testament to the mission, as we thrive each day for excellence in bringing our valued clients’ ideas to life, which should make a difference to the common man and enthuse the generations to come for a better performance using our buildings.
  • We believe that each project possesses a unique set of challenges and opportunities and these parameters guide our Design sense, which is a triumph of human endeavor for the fusion of Art, Architecture and engineering.
  • By embracing the singularity of each project, we open ourselves to newer ideas and creative solutions that fully address the specific requirements of each project that promote green concepts.
  • Our approach to Design, is very client sensitive with regards to various factors such as budget, operational efficiency and long term maintenance.
  • The positiveness of our approach is evident in most of our works by project recognition and also by the satisfied client relationships which we have built over the years, many of which have spanned decades.
  • Follow in the footsteps of visionaries, who made a difference to the society at large like Shri Sri M Visvesvaraya, Dr. E. Sreedharan, Architect Charles Correa and my father Shri S.N. Venkata Rao.


Awards & Recognition

Vishwannath Associates is proud to have been conferred with more than 25 awards from leading institutions across the country. Here are few of our recent recognitions for excellence in architectural design, innovation and sustainability.

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Our Clients

Our list of clients & projects demonstrates the range of our architectural capabilities. Academic and commercial, research and medical facilities, auditoriums, and public buildings: we have designed plans for them all.

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At the helm


V. Vishwanath

Vishwanath graduated from Department of Architecture – BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore in the year 1990. Trained for 8 years under a senior Architect at Bangalore & Chennai and also taught at the School of Interior Design as Chief of faculty, before branching out on his own under the banner of Vishwannath Associates - Architects (VA), in the year 1998 at Bangalore. In the year 2007, Vish branched out his organisation (VA) by setting up the branch office at Chennai. Through his organisation, as had the opportunity to design for reputed organisations and stalwarts like Padma Vibhushan, Dr. E. Sreedharan known as "The Metro Man" , Padma Bhushan, Dr. S .B Mujumdar, Emirates Airlines, IIMB & IIMV , ORACLE Software to name a few. VA has a wide base of projects to its credit, designing across the country and overseas including Dhaka and Colombo.


Vidya Vishwanath

Vidya Vishwanath is a born Artist/Painter, fulfilling the basic requirement of an Architect/Interior designer. Her eye for detail and knowledge of colours helps her ensure the client is satisfied with every detail of the final project. She has passed on her skills to various architects and trainees at our office as well as to her children. She is an extremely supportive and passionate backbone to Vishwannath Associates.


Vithal P Balakundi

A Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer par excellence, Vithal completed his initial schooling in vernacular language and went on to become the chief support and pillar of VA. He has been with the firm since the day of its inception in 1998. Vithal likes to handle complex designs and provides the architects insights into the kind of structure required for every project. His skill sets in identifying contractors, taking notes at the site inspections, quantity surveying and coordinating with various building consultants perfectly merges architecture with reality. He commands utmost respect within the building fraternity and also with the clients.


Achyut G Joshi

Achyut has the inborn qualities of a fine architect and has the perfect skill sets required to take VA’s projects to a whole new level. The designs and drawings created by him are known for perfection and flawlessness. An eye for detail and a passion for excellence are his strong points. He has been associated with VA for the past 9 years and has been recognized both by the firm as well as by the end user of the buildings with a sense of awe.

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