Sophia High School

When the management of Sophia High School decided to construct a new building to house the middle school and an Auditorium, the architect, Mr. V.Vishwanath, had the task of choosing the location in the largely spread out 6.5 acres of land. Blending the old structures with a modern Interior was of prime concern. For this reason, the location of the building was chosen in such a way that they could create multiple points of entry for students and teachers while relocating the basketball court and retaining the 200 meters athletics track.

“The essential feature of the Sophia School Auditorium is the exemplification of a fine relationship between acoustics and architecture”, informs the architect, “the ink bottle shape with a constricted neck allowed a perfect sync of speech intelligibility, sightlines and easy movement of the occupants, tiny and old.”

The design team in association with a noted acoustician from Bangalore, Prof. B. S. Ramakrishna, conducted acoustic tests before and after the acoustic installation at the venue, to ensure that space had a perfect time delay factor so as to suit the sensitive aural abilities of the young and old. According to the technical team, the reverb time was less than 1.2 seconds, which is considered to be optimum for such a venue.

The entire association with the Sophia High School’s management, staff, parents and children have indeed been very memorable and a highly rewarding experience in totality.