HUDA City Center Metro Station with Property Development (PD)

Elevated stretch of the Metro Train connecting Delhi to Gurgaon of which HUDA City Center is an Elevated terminating Station at Gurgaon.VA was roped in by DMRC for creating a landmark Building of combining elevated Station with Property Development. The target date for the inauguration was set for January 2010.

We took a sensitive approach towards the project by proposing to build a handicap and environment-friendly building by using eco-friendly materials with less maintenance at Delhi-NCR, which is growing rapidly and showcasing the emerging face of India. Similar to the many emerging economies of the world, transportation plays a pivotal role in the daily lives of numerous citizens. Hence, a need to develop the commercial activities around the Metro Station areas was felt at this terminating station.

The first of its kind for Delhi Metro with Metro Station and Property Development in the same footprint was truly challenging for the Architect and Engineers working on this Project.

Traffic Plans around the station building along with an extended basement helps reduce vehicular traffic and thus save the environment and the travel time to Delhi or to the other connecting stations on this line. Metro station standards have been adhered to in the building along with additional property development areas at this structure.

DMRC along with Architects, Consultants have proceeded in making this building a true transportation and a commercial hub for the citizens of NCR.