Terms & Conditions


This Agreement is the offer of Vishwannath Associates Architects, to perform the consulting services described in the attached Scope of Services. Acceptance by the Client is strictly limited to the attached Proposal and these Terms and Conditions for Architectural Services, which when acknowledged in writing, is authorization to proceed. The Client is defined as the person or business entity signing the Agreement authorizing the Architect to proceed. This Agreement supercedes all prior written proposals and/or negotiations not referenced herein between the parties and is expressly conditioned upon the Client’s agreement to the Terms and Conditions hereof. This Agreement may only be modified in writing executed by both parties.


All Additional Services shall be approved by the Client and the Architect in writing prior to proceeding. The following are Additional Services that are not specified above and are considered beyond the basic Scope of Services.Master Planning. The Architect may assist the Client in developing and preparing a long term Master Plan. All work associated with the Master Plan, including all preliminary design work, shall be considered an Additional Service.

Construction Management Services: The Architect may assist the client in estimating the cost of construction, scheduling the work of the contractors and managing the construction process. Construction Management Services shall be considered Additional Services.

Redesign to meet Project Budget Costs:The Client is responsible for establishing Project Budget Costs and obtaining required cost estimates. If the Architect is not contracted to provide cost estimating services, the Architect shall not be liable to redesign to meet the project budget costs. If redesign is required due to revised or miscalculated project budget costs furnished by a party other than the Architect, the time required shall be considered Additional Services.


Project Budget: The Client shall establish a budget for reasonable contingencies that meets the project requirements. The project budget shall be established by the Client prior to the Architect proceeding with the Scope of Services.

Base Building Drawings and/or Surveys: Unless otherwise specified, Base Building Drawings and/or Surveys are not included in the Scope of Services. The Architect shall assume that the Base Building Drawings and Surveys if required, shall be readily available. The Architect assumes all information on these documents is accurate and is not responsible for any information completed by others.

Project Representative: The Client shall appoint and authorize a Project Representative to answer field questions and make timely decisions (within five(5) Business days). The Architect assumes that the Client shall be the Project Representative unless the Client notifies the Architect, in writing, that another Project Representative has been appointed. If the Client replaces or selects a new Project Representative, any time spent by the Architect to bring the new Project Representative current shall represent Additional Services.

Cost Estimates: If the Architect is not contracted to provide cost estimating services, the Client shall employ a contractor or construction cost estimating consultant to provide cost estimating services. The Architect and its consultants do not warranty, guarantee or certify the construction cost for the project or any part of the project.